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Parrot Kits

By looking at this website you have decided to consult a Parrot Certified Installer. This means that M.D.A Installations ensures that a high level of commitment and expertise is placed in the service of your vehicle and to your satisfaction. As a Parrot Certified Installer we follow these five rules:

  1. A professional who will listen.
  2. The advice of a specialist.
  3. A personalised quote.
  4. Fully safe Installation.
  5. Efficient commissioning.

M.D.A Installations install your Parrot Kit at a place of your convenience like your Home or Place of Work.


Parrot MKi System

   The Parrot MKi system is a set of Bluetooth hands-free and music kits which are compatible in every car. Once paired with your Bluetooth mobile phone, the MKi enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to handle the phone. And the Parrot Bluebox relays your conversations over the vehicle's speakers for absolute comfort.


The remote control allows you to access all functions of the Mki. Positioned on the dashboard or mounted on the steering-wheel, you always keep your eyes on the road with a discreet and intergrated hands-free solution.

Once the automatic phonebook synchronization is completed, you acces all your contacts through the built-in user-independent voice recognition or via the voice synthesis (Text To Speech) that speaks the names in the phonebook.


Thanks to the dedicated music cable provided, the MKi kits play your music tracks from your ipod/iphone, MP3 USB players, Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) devices, and any other analouge audio player.


MKi also has a combination of an external double microphone and a third generation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP-3). This results an unrivalled audio quality, irrespective of the surrounding noise.


    By Combining Your parrot MKi Kit with a Brodit Cradle & Damage Free bracket Specially made for your vehicle so your phone is held securely in place. Brodit Cradles can have a built in charger for your phone, if required. 




User interface: screen + 3 buttons

External adjustable microphone

Automatic phonebook synchronisation

Displays menus, contacts, user settings etc.

Built-in voice recognition for making calls

Phonebook: stores up to 1,000 names per

paired phone

Stores up to 150 names (max.) per phone

Noise reduction, full duplex and echo

cancellation (Parrot DSP)

make of 100% hands-free system with LCD screenBluetooth compatible, works with everyBluetooth

 MDA Installations covers Wigan,Manchester,Preston, Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, North Wales and the surrounding areas.


Any work in the North West of England would be considered upon request.

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